Pet Personalities

If you can't resist sneaking a snap of your pet while they're at play, or asleep, or doing any of the other super-cute things pets do... well, then this is the category for you! This is your chance to capture your animal companion in action, showing off the personality you love so much.

The brief 

Unlike our Pet Portraits category, this isn't about a posed picture. Instead, we want you to observe your pet and take a photo that shows their natural behaviour and character. (Don't worry if you don't have your own pet, it's fine to photograph a friend or family member's pet too if they don't mind.)

From a dog playing ball, to a cat playing hide and seek; a rat enjoying a banana, to a budgie showering in the sink - you can find lots of examples of the sort of images we love in our Galleries. 

What we want most is to get a real feel for who your pet is - and why they mean so much to you. Cheeky, crafty, loving, lazy... let us get to know them too, through your Pet Personality entry.

Getting started

For this category, the best way to get started is just to hang out with your pet. You know best what their personality is, so what sort of activities show it off best? And what location would suit that activity best?

Maybe you could take your dog to the park, or join your cat for a snooze on the carpet. Get involved in their world - so long as they still feel safe and comfortable with that - and get snapping.

  • Top tips - see our top tips for photographing pets at home, and find out more about the behaviour of your cat or dog behaviour to ensure they are happy in your snaps. 

Entering the competition

So, if you're aged 18 or under (there's no lower age limit!) you can enter up to five photos in this category. Don't forget to tell us a bit about the photo - where you took it, why you like the animal and why you think your photo stands out - in 80 words or fewer.

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes!