Small World

Sometimes, wild animals lurk right under our noses. This is your chance to capture them on your camera or mobile phone.

What wonders are lurking right outside your doorstep or inside your home? Armoured beasts under rocks? Slithery creatures in the compost heap? A great beast purring on the window sill?

The brief

We created this category because we know there's no need to venture far to capture amazing animals. There's something wild waiting in every home, garden or balcony.

Does your dog howl like a wolf? Maybe you have a cat that moves like a tiger. We want to see it!

Perhaps you've spotted truly wild animals and insects that share our lives and homes. Next time you spot a spider building a web on your windowsill, or a frog in your school pond, snap a picture! 

Getting started

This category will shine a light on creatures that are overlooked for being small or commonplace. You don't need a macro lens. If you have one, do use it – but an ordinary camera or a mobile phone combined with imagination and some patience will do the trick.

How you interpret 'small world' is up to you. You can photograph anything from your pet, to wild birds or tiny insects. It's your choice - and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes!