Small World

In 2020, we're celebrating 30 years of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards, so what better time to introduce a special new category for budding and experienced photographers to show off their snapping skills?

But what a year it's been so far. Our worlds have scaled-down, shrinking as we all lockdown and cut out socialising, shopping and going to school or college to keep safe from coronavirus.

The brief

We're all living in a smaller world, so how can you create a photo that tells a story of your own, personal small world? How are you, your family and your pets adapting? Perhaps your dog is excited about having you around so much more, or the family cat has decided your bed is their new happy place...

But 'small world' can mean something else, too. Have you taken the time to look closely at all the tiny creatures to be found in the garden, in a window box or while you're out for walks? Bees are busy, ants are making their nests. What changes tell a story for you?

Getting started

You don't need a macro lens to focus right in on the tiny universes all around you in the garden, on the balcony, or by the path on an outdoor walk during your daily exercise - if you have one, do use it - but an ordinary camera or a mobile phone is fine, along with a bit of imagination of course, and some patience.

How you interpret 'small world' is up to you. What we want to see are personal stories in image form about your pets - or any animal from the wild birds to the tiny insects living under pots in your garden. It's your choice - and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Entering the competition

So, if you're aged 18 or under (there's no lower age limit!) you can enter up to five photos in this category. Don't forget to tell us a bit about the photo - where you took it, why you like the animal and why you think your photo stands out - in 80 words or fewer.

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes!