Animal Welfare Watch (Under 12s and 12-18)

This is a new category for 2021 that you might have heard about from your teachers at school. That's because while you enter as an individual, your school will also get a prize (a framed copy of your photo) and more if you're the winner. Fame at last!

The brief

Guinea pig with food © RSPCAShow us how much you care about animals, by taking a photograph on the theme of their five welfare needs.

Did you know that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 says anyone who owns or looks after an animal must provide everything that animal needs to be happy and healthy? This is broken down into five welfare needs:

  1. Food and water
  2. Bed and shelter
  3. Health
  4. Natural behaviour
  5. Company

You might choose to discuss them as a class in school. How do you make sure your own pets have these needs met? How do you see others doing it - for example vets, farmers, or friends and family?

Getting started

Next, have a think about how you could illustrate or explain one, all or a combination of these needs through photography. Perhaps you've already taken a photo you think does the job. Maybe you can set one up - or look for opportunities and examples around you to capture.

It could be as simple as a pet enjoying some food or a drink. Could you take a picture that explains natural behaviour, or shows the type of company animals prefer? Or how about focusing on healthcare - what do you, or other people, do to help keep animals healthy? What does 'a picture of health' look like?

Remember we're interested in all animals, not just pets, for this category.

Entering the competition

If you're aged 18 or under (there's no lower age limit) you can enter up to five photos in this category. Don't forget to name your photo and tell us a bit about it. We'd love to know where you took it, which welfare need or needs you're demonstrating, and why you think your photo stands out - in 80 words or fewer.

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes!