Religious slaughter

In the UK, Jewish and Muslim communities aren't required by law to stun animals before slaughter. All Shechita (Jewish) and some Halal (Muslim) slaughter involves cutting the animal's throat without stunning them first. Around 87% of animals slaughtered in the UK for Halal are stunned first.

Slaughter without pre-stunning

We're opposed to the slaughter of any animal without first ensuring it's unable to feel pain and distress.

We believe that all animals should be stunned before slaughter. Evidence shows that slaughter without pre-stunning can cause unneeded suffering.

Why pre-stunning is an issue

  • Animals not stunned first need a higher level of restraint than standard slaughter methods
  • A large cut made across the neck of awake animals would "result in significant pain and distress". They would be in this pain until they pass out. It would take around 5 to 7 seconds for sheep and 22 to 40 seconds for adult cattle to pass out from the cut.
  • Slaughter without pre-stunning is cruel and the Government should repeal the current law exemption.

What we're doing about non-stun slaughter

We're pressing for law changes to improve animal welfare at slaughter. Until this happens, we propose:

  • UK Jewish and Muslim communities review their slaughter practices
  • Meat produced from animals not stunned before slaughter should be clearly labelled to allow consumer choice

We're working to improve the lives of animals at the time of slaughter. Read our joint statement of principles on animal slaughter.

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