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Why your monthly donation makes a difference

It costs more than £500,000 to run one of our centres for a single year! We rely on your kind donations to care for the many animals in our care and every donation makes a difference...

£3 could buy an abandoned pet a toy

£6 could feed a dog for a week

£12 could provide a blanket, toys and a tasty treat for an animal in care

Set up a monthly Direct Debit online today. The process is easy, automated and you can cancel at any time. Your monthly donation will make a sustainable difference to the animals in our care, and those yet to make it to us. 


Thank you from us and on behalf of the many animals you're about to help, it means a great deal...and a great meal!

Your monthly donations help animals in need 

Ruby, Winnie and Piglet were overrun with mites, sore and terribly infected when they were found, dumped in a tiny pet carrier. All three had lost most of their fur.

They needed months of treatment before they were ready to be moved to one of our rehoming centres. Here they enjoyed plenty of playtime and made lots of new friends. It wasn't long before they were adopted into loving homes!

Other ways to give a monthly gift

Of course, there are other ways you can donate too, from giving via you mobile, giving straight from your paypacket or sponsoring one of our dog kennels or cat pods.

However you choose to donate, you can be sure that your money will go towards helping animals in need. 

Take a look below to find the way to give that best suits you:

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