Fostering horses and ponies

Giving rescue horses a stable future

Do you own a horse or have experience of owning equines? Would you consider fostering a rescue horse, helping to give them a fresh start in life?

Can you help?

We're looking for dedicated and experienced horse handlers willing to foster one or more of the many equines in our care for at least six months. Either as companionship for your own horse or to take on two foster horses as company for each other.

Our equine foster carers care for horses and ponies until they can be permanently rehomed.

Interested in fostering a rescue horse or pony?

1. Search for horses and ponies available for fostering and adoption.

2. Check our equine fostering criteria and how to apply.

Other ways you can help

1. Donate tack and equipment vital to our equine centres.

2. Make a monetary donation towards our costs of caring for the horses and ponies we rescue.