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Pets at Home is the UK's leading pet care business providing pet owners with everything they need to be able to look after their pet - from food, toys and bedding to grooming services and veterinary care. RSPCA and Pets at Home have been working together to promote responsible pet ownership for over ten years.

Way we work together

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VIP Lifelines

Pets at Home customers can support the RSPCA or their local RSPCA branch through the VIP Club Lifelines scheme. Since 2012 £1.5million VIP Lifelines have been raised to enrich the lives of animals in our care. A massive thank you to all Pets at Home customers who support in this way.

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Pets at Home is supporting our rehoming programme through RSPCA Adoption centres located in Chesterfield, Friern Barnet, Newport and Stockport stores. This provides an opportunity to help rescue cats like Katie find their forever homes.

Rehome a pet

grey and white rabbit being held by animal care assistant © RSPCA

Pets at Home Foundation

Pets at Home Foundation (previously Support Adoption for Pets) is a registered charity that supports hundreds of pet rehoming organisations in the UK and have generously donated close to £1.5million in charitable grants to RSPCA and RSPCA independent branch network since 2008.

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