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horse with police officer in a field © RSPCA
RSPCA disappointment by puppy trading and overworked horses at Appleby

Charity had issued plea to visitors before the event not to sell and buy puppies and to take care not overwork horses.

The essays
Experts highlight 'urgent' need to rethink human-animal relationship

A new RSPCA essay collection makes the case for era-defining change for animals

two kittens in a caged carrier © RSPCA
Kittens rescued after being abandoned in Coventry

A member of the public spotted the kittens being dumped in the street before calling the RSPCA.

tangled fox cub
Shocking death of little fox cub tangled in garden football net triggers renewed warning

In 2021, we took 2,216 calls about animals - from foxes to hedgehogs - which had become entangled in netting.

RPSCA Appleby
Don't 'bring and buy' dogs at Appleby Horse Fair

Welfare charity concerned after sick puppies sold at last year¿s horse fair.

bedlington terrier dog standing showing matted and overgrown fur © RSPCA
Marvellous Malcolm

Photos of the Bedlington terrier show his transformation in RSPCA care.

bengal cat being tickled © RSPCA
Men sentenced to community service and ban for cat attack Snapchat video

Both brothers also banned from keeping cats for five years

RSPCA fears cost of living increase could lead to cat welfare crisis this kitten season

The RSPCA took in over 20,000 cats last year and dealt with over 50,000 cat complaints whilst Cats Protection sees 25% increase in kittens this year.

close-up of cow's head © RSPCA
Genetic technology bill: A serious step back for animal welfare

The government has today announced new legislation through the Genetic Technology Bill allowing regulations around gene editing of crops (eventually animals) to be relaxed in the UK.

Missing cat rescued from cellar trap is reunited with family after undergoing a leg amputation  

The RSPCA found Kitty living off rainwater and debris in a dank basement.


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