The judges

Find out about the judging panel of photographic experts for the Young Photographer Awards (YPA):









Chris Packham

Chris hardly needs an introduction! We all know and love him as TV’s favourite wildlife expert and conservationist. He's also a photographer and author, who has travelled the world in search of all things slimey, stingy and scratchy!

As well as being an RSPCA Vice President, Chris has been with us as a judge since the very start of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards back in 1990. He also kindly hosts our Awards ceremonies each December. 

His own passion for photography began when he was a child, so Chris understands all the challenges being a young wildlife photographer presents. To see some of the stunning images Chris has taken visit:









Andrew Forsyth

Andrew is our Multimedia Manager, doing photoshoots with our animals around England and Wales. He's twice been a finalist in the NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year, as well as in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, Landscape Photographer of the Year and the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions.

Andrew has been a YPA judge since 2005 and knows a winning shot when he sees one.









Catriona Parfitt

Catriona is an aspiring professional wildlife photographer and former YPA overall winner. Catriona first entered the competition in 2004, was named the overall winner twice (in 2005 and 2010) and has received awards in four other years.

She won the BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2008 and has been successful in the Young Travel Photographer of the Year competition. This is Catriona's third year as a judge.









Ellie Rothnie

Ellie is a full-time British wildlife photographer. She has been awarded in various competitions, including the international Festival de l'Oiseau, Nature's Best-Yellowstone, and British Wildlife Photography Awards.

In 2007, she began to focus on her passion for wildlife photography, which led to her becoming a full-time photographer, trip leader and guide. She is widely published in national press and magazines, and this is her second year as a judge for the inspiring YPA. She photographs in the UK and further afield, with projects taking her to East Africa, USA and Europe. Ellie is a tour leader with Natures Images, the UK's leading wildlife photography trip company.









Emma Jacobs

Emma is our RSPCA Senior Photographer and, with over 20 years' experience in her field, is passionate about exploring new ways to use the photographic medium as a tool for visual communication; creating an image or series of images that tell a story and help people to connect with nature. This year, Emma won the Documentary Series category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards!

She believes that if more people could connect with and fall in love with animals, they would be more inspired to take better care of them.









Rachel Bigsby

Rachel is a leading professional wildlife photographer and Nikon Creator, renowned for her work with seabirds. She is represented by several notable brands including Swarovski Optiks and is an official contributing photographer for the RSPB.

Her work has become internationally recognised through competitions such as Bird Photographer of the Year, and her documentation of the avian flu crisis in seabirds was published globally by the prestigious National Geographic Society.