Rules of entry

Please make sure you read the rules of entry carefully before you enter the competition. 

Our key rules

  • Please don't Photoshop or manipulate your images. Images with watermarks or copyright information will also be rejected as they cannot be anonymously judged (see rule 20 in the terms and conditions).
  • If you're aged 15 or under when you register, you must provide us with a valid email address for your parent or guardian – without this you won't be able to enter.
  • Please don't create multiple accounts. Anyone with multiple accounts may be disqualified (see rule 18 in the terms and conditions).
  • Make sure that the image you upload is a JPEG and the highest quality image you have, but not bigger than 10MB and the image size no smaller than 600x600. Remember that if you crop your photo it will still need to have sufficient resolution to be printed for the exhibition if your photograph is successful. Always keep your RAW file(s) and save another version if you make adjustments to the photos.
  • Remember that when a photo is uploaded it is entered into the competition and cannot be changed. Any photos or mobile images submitted to the wrong category will be disqualified. Please note that mobile phone images cannot be entered into the Under 12 years, 12–15 years, 16–18 years, and Portfolio categories.
  • Please give each photo a title and write a description. These are used at the judging stage and help the judges to understand the story behind your photo.
  • We encourage you to read the brief for the category you’re entering and check our photo tips to ensure the photos you're submitting have the best chance of being shortlisted.
  • Do not enter photos of any animal who's suffering, disfigured or wounded, or exotic animals or animals in cages, as these will be disqualified. Other captive wildlife are allowed provided you explain how they are captive and how they're being looked after.
  • Finally, please don't leave it until the last minute to upload your photos.

Mobile phone and device rules (in addition to above)

  • Add-on lenses can be used.
  • We may ask for the original image to verify that it was taken with a phone or device. Any photos that can't be verified will be disqualified.
  • The following images will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Photos with borders, frames, watermarks, copyright, overused filters and any emojis or stickers. Selfies will be considered but must be taken with due care and consideration for the welfare of people and animals in the picture.
  • Remember to save or transfer your mobile phone or device photo onto more than one device in case it's accidentally deleted, or your phone is due to be upgraded before the awards ceremony. Backing up your phone or device is always a good idea (where possible). Carry out some basic checks before doing any underwater photography to ensure your phone or device is water resistant and that any casing you purchase is watertight. Look into the depths you can reach without damaging your device.