The Portfolio category is a tough challenge for any keen photographer. Can you put together five fabulous shots, linked by a great idea, location or theme? If you're 18 or under when the competition closes, and up for a challenge, then this is the category for you!

The brief

We're looking for a selection of five images that celebrate animals and show your understanding of what makes them interesting.They should also demonstrate a range of photographic techniques, such as composition, use of light and depth of field.

Each photo should stand out as a great image in its own right, as well as being a part of the portfolio.

Getting started

Choosing a strong theme is your first step towards success. Think about whether you'd like to focus on a particular species, the animals in your favourite location, or perhaps five different shots of your pet.

  • Location  Is there a place that inspires you? It can be anywhere you go to see wildlife, pets or farm animals.
  • Animal  Do you want your portfolio to focus on just one animal, a variety of species, or a range of locations?
  • Theme  Is there an idea or theme you'd like to focus on? This could be anything, for example, animals in motion, birds in flight or endangered animals.
  • One weaker shot can let you down, so choose your portfolio images carefully. It's a good idea to ask for help in choosing the best ones.

    There's lots more advice from Chris Packham and wildlife photographer Andrew Forsyth in our photo tips section.

You can also get some inspiration from previous winners' photos in our galleries.

When you're out and about trying to get the perfect shot, don't ever put your safety at risk.

Entering the competition

If you're 18 or under you can enter three portfolios in this category.

Please include a description of each photo in around 80 words or fewer. Your description will be displayed alongside the pictures if you're a finalist, so tell us where you took the photos, why you took them, and give any details you think will help tell the story behind them.

Please note, you cannot submit mobile phone photos into this category; they will be disqualified. If you've captured a great shot on your phone, enter it into our Mobile phone and devices category instead.  

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes.

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