Animals at home

Why spend hours trying to get photos of shy wildlife, when there's an animal that's always easy to find and is very friendly – your own pet!

  • Take time to watch your pet. Where do they sleep? What's their favourite toy? How do they let you know what they want? All these things can give you ideas for photos.
  • Photos of your pet being active will often be more interesting than a plain portrait, so photograph them doing things that will show their character. Please don't make them do anything they don't want to do or that may harm them. Start by trying to get some photos of their natural behaviour in the garden or on a walk.
  • If your pet is small, get down to their level by lying on the floor. Encourage them to be active by getting someone to play with them.
  • If your pet is running or jumping around, keep following them with the camera so they stay in the same part of the frame. This will make a better photo as the background will be blurred, not your pet.
  • Stop as soon as your pet becomes tired or bored – you can always try again another time.