Farm animals

Like your pets, farm animals should be easy to find. But you might need more patience when photographing them to get a great shot!

  • If the farm isn't open to the public, it's a good idea to ask the farmer or landowner's permission before you start taking photos. Have a look online or in your local newspaper to find out if there are any farm and agricultural school open days coming up.
  • Do research beforehand so you understand how the farm animals should be kept in order to meet their welfare needs. This means they should have appropriate housing or shelter, readily available food and clean water, and in most cases they should be kept with other animals of the same species.
  • For a variety of backdrops, take photos of farm animals who are indoors in stables or barns, as well as outside. However, avoid using flash as this can spook animals in enclosed surroundings.
  • Remember to keep your distance and try not to startle the animals. Stay on the right side of the fence and use your zoom lens.