City life

As landscapes change, so do animals. They brave the noise and crowds – venturing into towns and cities in search of food and shelter. There maybe feral pigeons who nest on top of your local corner shop, or foxes who play in a nearby alley. They’re part of urban life too – and this is your chance to reveal their secret lives with your photo skills. 

The brief

This category is all about location. Not all animals live in country meadows or woodland. We want you to show us how wildlife in your town or city has adapted to an artificial world built by humans.

To do this, you’ll need to show something human-made with your animal subject. Whether that’s pavements, buildings, railings, traffic lights or other things, it's up to you.

Your urban images can be artistic, funny or awe-inspiring. But they should get us thinking about the relationship between animals and spaces designed for us humans.

Getting started

We’ll be looking for an urban element in every photo in this category, so think about how to make this stand out alongside your animal subject for a really dramatic photo. You could show a fox standing against a graffiti-covered wall, or anything that represents the animals we share our built-up spaces with.

Dawn and dusk are great times for spotting urban wildlife as, depending on location, there’ll be fewer people around, which is a good time for animals to search for food. 

We're not just looking for wildlife photos – you could observe pets in an urban world too or maybe even at a city farm.

When you're out and about trying to get the perfect shot, don't ever put your safety at risk.

Entering the competition

Remember to include a description of your photo, in 80 words or fewer. Tell us where you took the photo, why you took it, and give any details you think are interesting or tell the photo's story.

Read the full rules and terms and conditions before you enter and check out the prizes.

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