Winning wildlife tips

Our judges had so many amazing images to choose from, but in the end they chose 18-year-old Ben Harrott as the overall winner of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2022. He wowed all the judges with his awe-inspiring picture of a crouching mountain hare. It's hard enough to get an excitable pet to stay still, but how do you take winning pictures of wild animals? Here are Ben's tips on how to capture top shots of wildlife. Over to you Ben!

Stay local

My first tip for aspiring wildlife photographers like me is to stay local. Wildlife is everywhere, even in places like cities. Young photographers can't always travel long distances in search of a picture, but you don't need to go far to find interesting subjects or capture great images.

Check the time

Think about the time of day. Wild animals are generally more active at sunrise and sunset, as searching for food in the full sun can make them feel exposed.

So, before you start your day, or right before it gets dark, grab your camera and go outside. You might just spot something amazing!

Get inspired

If you're stuck, take inspiration and learn from other photographers that you like. Go to exhibitions, browse magazines or books, or look online. Think about why you like their images.

Ask yourself what techniques they used. Then have a go at recreating a similar picture yourself. 

Remember your subject

Keep in mind that you have no control over wildlife, but that's what makes your subject so interesting! All you can do is put yourself in the right place and be patient.

Finally, if you're trying to take a picture of a specific animal, learn all about their behaviour and habitat before trying to find them.